Test Application Software


CKT has a number of software applications available to make the entire wiring testing process more efficient. These applications span the spectrum from test program development to the analysis of error data.

Please click on the links below for examples of software applications:

  • WITS – Wiring Integrity Testing Software. WITS is an all-inclusive software application designed to greatly simplify the costly and time consuming task of test data preparation and assembly-under-test fault analysis. All that is required to use WITS is a wiring database that is an accurate representation of the assembly to be tested. This wiring information is imported into WITS through customized filters, and then used to develop the required test solution
  • WITS Lite – Wiring Integrity Testing Software Lite. WITS – Lite is a sub-set of the WITS application.
  • Test Program Generation Assist. The Test Program Generation Assist was developed by CKT in order to provide Users with a low-cost, but powerful, tool for test program development.