Connectors And Adapters


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CKT provides its test systems with a wide variety of front-face interface connectors. The standard connector is the CKT MAC interface system which was designed by CKT to provide Users of wiring testing systems a new and efficient method of interfacing to the assembly-under-test. Other connectors commonly provided are compatible with adapter cables that were originally manufactured to mate with competitors test systems.

Examples are the dual-50 contact PDD connector, the card edge 60 contact FACT II connector, the Canon DL series, the QUICK interface utilized on out-of-production FACT systems, and the 60 contact NE connector utilized on numerous early generation systems, including some manufactured by CKT. In addition, User specified connectors, such as the stackable PCB wafer connector originally designed by Lockheed Martin, is also offered.

CKT also designs and manufacturers complete adapter cables and cable stubs. The cables are available using any of the connectors described above and can be supplied with a wide variety of wire guages, insulation materials and cable jacketing.

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