Terms and Conditions

WI-840-001–D Terms and Conditions

The following applicable quality requirements are part of our purchase order.

  1. Raw Material Supplier shall provide certification reports for raw materials on purchase orders for both the chemical and physical test reports. Each report shall list the following:
    1. Material specification and revision
    2. Heat number and supplier
    3. Results of any chemical analysis and physical tests
    4. CKT’s part number, P.O. number and quantity
  2. Test Report Supplier shall include with shipment, required test, inspection, and verification reports required by the purchase order.
  3. Process Certifications (Vendor Performed) Supplier shall supply reports of all special processes and inspection verification results with each shipment of processed components.
  4. Certification of Conformance Supplier shall provide certificate of conformance documented information with each shipment of product.
  5. First Article Inspection Supplier shall (when required) provide a First Article Inspection Report for product manufactured to purchase order requirements.
  6. Source Inspection Supplier shall (when required) facilitate CK Technologies, Inc in-process or final source inspection of product at Supplier facility.
  7. Change notification and approval Supplier shall notify CK Technologies, Inc of any changes in product or process definition, supplier location, supplier management changes, etc. In addition, Supplier shall seek approval of changes by CK Technologies, Inc.
  8. Contract number The Prime Contract number listed on the CKT purchase order will be recorded on all subcontracts purchase orders. All items shown on this purchase order, including all applicable records, are subject to surveillance and inspection at your facility, at the option of Government, regulatory agencies, and/or CKT’s customer representative. CKT will provide sufficient notice to schedule surveillance.
  9. Inspection system Supplier shall maintain an inspection system in compliance with ISO 9001, or equivalent. Documented information retained by Suppliers shall be retained for 7 years minimum. (For disposition records, contact CKT’s Quality Department.)
  10. Calibration system Supplier shall provide and maintain a calibration system in compliance with MIL-STD-45662 or AS9100D 7.1.5, or equivalent.
  11. Notification of nonconformance Supplier shall notify CK Technologies, Inc of nonconforming processes, products, or services and when required, the supplier shall obtain the organizations approval for disposition.
  12. Special process control Supplier shall notify CK Technologies, Inc of changes to processes, products, or services including changes of their external providers or location of manufacture and will obtain the organizations approval.
  13. CK Technologies process control Supplier shall use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources (e.g., special processes)
  14. Customer/Government source CKT customer and/or Government source inspection/verification requirements may be required at your facility. Customer or Government Agency may still reject subsequent delivered product.
  15. Key characteristics Supplier shall recognize any special requirements, critical items, or key characteristics identified by CK Technologies, Inc. Where these requirements are specified, Supplier shall not alter. Requirements as stated, shall require a 100%-dimensional inspection record.
  16. Right of Access by the Purchaser Supplier shall provide and agree to right of access by the organization, their customer, and any regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information at any level of the supply chain.
  17. FOD Supplier shall ensure that Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) is prevented and/or removed before shipment. In addition, this requirement shall be flowed down to sub tier Suppliers.
  18. AS9100D requirements For Counterfeit Prevention Control Program Supplier shall comply with the requirements of AS9100D 8.1.4 Prevention of Counterfeit Parts or equivalent, and AS9100D 8.4.3 Information for External Providers.
  19. AS9100D requirements under 8.4.3
    1. The Supplier shall use customer designated or approved external providers and process sources.
    2. The Supplier will flow down to sub-tier suppliers, these terms and conditions requirements.
    3. The Supplier shall ensure that employees are aware of their contribution to product service or conformity; their contribution to product safety; and the importance of ethical behavior when accomplishing their job responsibilities.
  20. Human Trafficking As an organization, CKT strives to give visibility and a voice to those who are caught in Human Trafficking. The facts regarding this epidemic serve as a reminder to our organization to use companies of a like-minded conviction so as to reduce and eventually stop the Human Trafficking trade.
  21. Country of origin / Certificate of origin (COO) Supplier shall indicate on the quote, order, and packing slip with shipment the country of origin / certificate of origin (COO).