Low-Voltage Test Systems



CKT low-voltage wiring analyzers have been designed to provide Users with a high-throughput test solution for high volume production of products such as chip-carriers, multi-chip modules, ceramic substrates, flex circuits and high-density PCB’s. Because they are low priced systems, they are also perfect as cable / harness test systems where test specifications allow testing at voltages below 250 VDC.

These systems feature fully programmable test parameters, are capable of testing to 250 VDC, and will resolve insulation resistance values to 100 megohms. The switching matrix is implemented using bipolar technology for immunity against destructive ESD effects.

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Turn-Key Systems for High-Density Interconnection Testing
  • Model CKT2170 Series. These systems are integrated electrical test systems designed to test high-density printed circuit boards, chip-carriers, ceramic substrates, multi-chip modules, liquid crystal displays, etc.
Benchtop Systems
  • Model CKT2175-10. This benchtop system is available with up to 2048 test points in a benchtop enclosure. Various interface connectors are available.
Expanded Test Point Systems
  • Model CKT2175-20. This system can expanded to 256,000 test points. The switching matrix is highly integrated and available in numerous form-factors for packaging into a variety of mechanical handlers and electronic racks.
Multiple Language Support
The CKT2175 Series systems are available with the operator interface in the English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese languages.