Model CKT1175-10 Benchtop / Portable Test System

Designed for wiring testing requirements requiring up to 2,000 test points, the CKT1175-10 is ideal as a benchtop or portable test system.

The system is packaged in an enclosure specifically designed to be used in rugged environments. The basic 500 test point system is 20.5 in. (521 mm) wide X 12.0 in. (305 mm) high X 16.05 in. (408 mm) deep; the 500 test point expansion units are 20.5 in. (521 mm) wide X 6.00 in. (153 mm) high X 16.05 in. (408 mm) deep. For field use the system is supplied with covers that protect the system from the elements when not in use.

The Measurement Control Unit (MCU), along with the required power supplies, is a part of the basic 500 test point system. The MCU contains the voltage / current generators required for the continuity / insulation resistance tests, the measurement instruments, plus the micro-computer which controls the generators, instruments and the switching matrix. Input power to the CKT1175-10 is auto-adjusting between 100 VAC – 240 VAC, single phase, 47 – 63 Hz.

The CKT1175-10 system control is via a standard PC desktop or notebook which is interfaced to the MCU by a standard Ethernet LAN. The PC can be CKT or User supplied.

Continuity measurements can be made with programmable currents up to 5 amperes, and programmable compliance voltages up to 50 VDC; insulation resistance measurements up to 1,000 megohms can be made with voltages to 1,000 VDC. Dielectric breakdown testing at voltages to 750 VAC RMS are also available. Precision capacitance measurements and an Opens Circuit Locator (OCL) are standard features of the CKT1175-10.

Each component of the CKT1175-10 is designed according to EIA standards, which means that the CKT1175-10 can be readily reconfigured into a customized packaging solution. Please contact CKT for more information.

Die Anwendungs-Software ist verfügbar in Chinesisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch.