High Voltage Test System

Model CKT1175-20 with Rack-Mounted Switching

The CKT1175-20 is a high-voltage wiring analysis system that features rack-mounted switching matrices. This system is expandable in 100 test point increments to 96,000 test points, and available with a wide variety of adapter cable interface connectors, with the standard interface being the CKT MAC interface system.

The system can be provided in a wide variety of packaging configurations. The most common are those where the control console is provided as a separate stand-alone unit, and the switching matrix is provided in cabinets containing up to 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, or 10,000 test points. Combinations of these switching cabinets are also widely used. Additionally, the switching matrix can be packaged in custom cabinetry, such as test benches.

The CKT1175-20 is capable of testing for open circuits at currents to 5 amperes, insulation resistance at voltages up to 2,000 VDC and dielectric breakdown at voltages up to 1,500 VAC RMS.

The CKT1175-20 is most often used to test junction boxes, control panels, relay panels, plus many large wiring intensive assemblies such as military airplanes and helicopters. When fitted with optional capability such as external energization, programmable AC and DC power sources, and auxiliary relay cards, the capability of this system is greatly extended to making precision component measurements, random access 4-wire measurements and testing for correct phasing of data bus transformers.

The CKT1175-20 software resides on a PC computer running the Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 supported) operating system; it is intuitive and designed to make the operator / test system interface seamless. There are tools that take the system beyond just being a test system. For example, customized error reports can be created by the user, numerous diagnostic tests are available to troubleshoot unit-under-test faults, error data can be printed, saved to an internal storage device or exported to a central database, plus self-generated tests ensure optimal operation of the system.

In addition to English, the operator interface is available in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

32,000 TEST POINT CKT1175-20


25,000 TEST POINT CKT1175-20


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