High Voltage Test System

Model CKT1175-MBA Multiple-Bus Architecture System

The CKT1175-MBA (for Multiple-Bus Architecture) provides seamless testing of electronic racks, panels and chassis containing passive and active components such as relays, solenoids, switches, circuit breakers, lamps and LED’s, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc. This functionality is made possible by a switching matrix that is up to 10 levels deep, plus a multiplexer that controls the various stimuli sources, instrumentation connections, and external energization outputs.

In addition to performing precise insulation resistance, dielectric breakdown and continuity testing, the CKT1175-MBA, with its expanded switching architecture, has the capability of routing multiple stimuli (or instruments) to any test point. In short, each test point is true random access and can be configured (under program control) as a standard switching point for 2-wire measurements,as a sense point for 4-wire resistance or data-bus phase measurements, as a stimuli energization point or a point that will connect ancillary instrumentation (such as an LCR meter) to the assembly-under-test. Each test point can also be a “guarding” point for making accurate in-circuit component measurements, or for eliminating parasitic capacitances during capacitance measurements.

When the optional CKT Test Adapter ID System is used with the CKT1175-MBA the ability to place adapters anywhere on the system interface reduces the number of multi-bus points in the configuration. In this case, when the CKT software identifies an adapter that requires a multi-bus connection, it prompts the operator to place the adapter in one of the multi-bus slots, otherwise, the operator is free to insert the adapter in any random location. This feature greatly reduces the total cost of the system while not sacrificing the versatility of the MBA capabilities.

In addition to its random access testing capability, this system provides a number of other advantages:

  • External energization output panels and patch panels are eliminated.
  • All adapter cables can be one-to-one. No more ‘octopus’ or ‘Y’ cables, reducing hook-up time.
  • Modifying the adaption to accommodate on-going product design changes is greatly simplified.
  • Test data development time is significantly reduced.

CKT1175-MBA is available in increments of 100 test points, with 2 to 10 buses. The CKT MAC interface is the standard output connector, but virtually any connector can be implemented. The system can even be provided with an automatically actuated zero-insertion-force (ZIF) interface having 500 points per interface segment.

Test voltages for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown testing are available to 2,000 VDC / 1,500 VAC RMS, while continuity testing can be performed at currents to 5 amperes. The system software is 100% CKT developed (no third party software is used) and resides on the Windows platform. The numerous applications cover the entire spectrum from test program generation to error data analysis, all designed to make the testing process more efficient and cost-effective.

The operator interface is available in a number of languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese.

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