CK Technologies, Inc. (CKT) was founded in 1987 by a group of engineers with many years experience designing and manufacturing interconnection test systems for the aerospace, printed circuit board and telecom industries. For the past 30+ years each member of the CKT staff has been committed to developing and producing the most innovative and technologically advanced test electronics, software and adaptation equipment for our served market. This continued dedication to product innovation, plus our striving for the highest product quality levels, has resulted in a satisfied customer list that is a who’s who of world-class domestic and international companies.

Our product line-up is comprised of:

  • Cable / harness testing systems for the aerospace industry. These systems cover the entire spectrum of wired assembly testing – from the harness shop to the completed assembly, such as an entire aircraft.
  • Software applications for automating the test data generation and test support processes. CKT has the software to completely manage the test engineering effort.
  • Innovative interface connector systems for more efficient and cost effective test system to unit-under-test adaptation methods. An example is the CKT MAC interface system.
  • Test Adapter Cable Design and manufacturing. CKT builds adaptation tooling including custom mating connectors, backshells and strain reliefs where need.
  • Test Engineering Services – From test system architecture definition to test supervision, CKT has the tools and experience to assist your company with cable/harness test engineering services both remotely and on-site.

Company Charter

  • To provide to industry the most advanced wiring testing systems for qualifying the interconnection integrity of aerospace products, military systems, telecom backplanes and printed wiring devices.
  • To provide state-of-the-art software for efficient and cost-effective generation of test data.
  • To develop new and better adapter cable interfaces for those applications not dependent on legacy adaptation techniques.
  • To continuously invest in research and development in order to provide test solutions that will meet the ever more demanding testing requirements of the aerospace, printed wiring device and telecommunications industries.
  • To do whatever it takes to remain at the forefront of our industry.

Our customers are our most important asset. To them we offer the following commitment:

  • Listening to requirements and developing cost-effective solutions.
  • State-of-the-art engineering.
  • Uncompromising quality and reliability.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Long term product support second-to-none.

Company Milestones


  • CKT 5000 – A System designed for wireless analysis and test of complex wired assemblies.


  • WITS NEW Generation Redesign and CKT 1175 New User Interface Design (CKT FE+)


  • Redesign of MCMU Modules


  • LIF – Low Insertion Force Connector


  • CKT Aerospace Certification – ISO9001:2015 and AS9001D
  • Mini Switching Suitcase Design


  • Development of CKT 1180, High Voltage Test System


  • Overall/ Upgrade of CKT WITS Software.
  • Tablet application – Define, Design, and Develop
  • Enhanced software & In-house manufacturing of T1 Tester


  • CKT Aerospace Certification: ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C.


  • Development of adapter cable test assist
  • Development of MOV test solution


  • Collectron assets/staff were purchased by CKT USA – now CKT Germany.


  • Formed CKT Test Solutions Group to provide engineering services for E-Test customers.


  • Developed CKT TSLA (Patent Pending) software
  • Selected by AIRBUS for A350 Pre-FAL”Turn-key” solution


  • Sold first CKT6000 Fiber Optic Tester Re-certified for ISO 9001 and AS 9100


  • Provided test support services to USAF for F-15 long term fleet support. Selected by Boeing El Segundo for satellite test. Acquired Collectron GmbH


  • Selected for A319-A321 FAL & Wing testing in Tianjin China
  • Selected by Boeing for section testing 787 Dreamliner


  • Selected by BOEING to test 787 Dreamliner fuel tanks
  • Achieved AS9100 certification


  • Expanded the capabilities of the WITS platform to automatically include multi-state parts, complex parts and external energization addressing in the test data generation process.


  • Developed and introduced a computer based adapter cable storage and inventory system that greatly simplifies the storage, identification and handling of adapter cables.
  • Introduced adapter cable identification technology that permits total random adapter cable hook-up at the test system interface.
  • Selected by Airbus to replace a number of legacy test systems in support of A318, A319, A320, A321, A330 and A340 aircraft production testing.


  • Selected by Airbus to provide systems for A380 aircraft production testing.


  • Introduced the CKT2175 wiring test system. This system features a solid-state matrix that is immune to ESD, a test speed of 5,000 tests per second, test voltages that are programmable to 250 VDC, and the ability to measure resistances to 500 megohms.


  • Introduced test system control using an Ethernet LAN between the operator PC and the test system engine in order to achieve complete test system independence from the continual changes in the PC world.
  • Upgraded the operating systems of all CKT systems from Windows® NT to Windows® 2000 Professional


  • Introduced state-of-the-art stimulus / measurement units featuring software calibration and unmatched precision and reliability. Since their introduction these instruments have become the heart of all CKT systems.
  • Introduced the CKT1175 cable/harness testing system. This system was developed to provide Users the ultimate in testing flexibility by allowing true distribution of the switching matrix around the test area. The switching matrices can be provided in Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) form factors, as portable suitcase switching units, and as mobile cabinets or carts.
  • Introduced the first generation of the present day WITS platform for automatic test program generation.
  • Delivered to Northrop Grumman Corporation CKT’s largest high-voltage cable and harness test system. This CKT1175 system exceeded 92,000 test points and was built in support of B-2 aircraft wire testing.


  • Converted the software platform of all CKT systems to Windows NT from Windows 3.11.


  • Introduced Windows 3.11 as the standard software platform on all CKT systems. CKT was the first cable/harness testing systems manufacturer to provide the User with a true Windows operator interface.


  • Developed and introduced multi-bus architecture and true random-access 4-wire testing.
  • Developed precise capacitance measurements with a wiring testing system by incorporating guarding technology into the switching matrix.
  • The CKT MAC interface system was developed by CKT to provide Users of cable / harness test systems a much more flexible, effective and cost-effective means of designing, manufacturing, using and maintaining adapter cables.


  • Developed the MAC interface system as a flexible and cost-effective alternative to the cumbersome 100-contact PDD connector that had become the standard of this industry.


  • Completed development of the CKT1000 and installed the first system at British Aerospace.


  • CKT is founded.

We hope that your interest level in the CKT products has been sufficiently raised by this brief overview of CKT and that you will take the time to explore this website in detail. However, most important is that you contact us directly with questions, requests for information, or to arrange a face-to-face meeting and presentation.