Adapter Cable Management

Mobile 54 Adapter Cable Storage and Management Cart

The management of adapter cable libraries has always been a challenge. Several factors have combined to make the process cumbersome and very expensive. These factors can be summarized as follows:

  • Adapter cable locations must be rigorously catalogued by part number. Proper maintenance of this location directory is expensive and easily subject to error.
  • As adapters are returned to the adapter cable repository they are often misplaced. When next needed, finding them becomes an extremely time consuming task.
  • The same adapter may be used at multiple test sites; thus, there is no easy way to determine if a particular adapter has been removed from the repository or simply misplaced.
  • Identical adapters, but of different length, are many times stored at the same repository location. This makes it time consuming to select the correct adapter when a specific length is required.

CKT has extensively studied the problems associated with adapter cable inventories. These studies have resulted in the development of an intelligent adapter cable management system that solves the above problems, plus making the adapter cable handling and test system hook-up process much more efficient and cost-effective.

Embedded in each adapter is a unique electronic identifier which can be read by each adapter repository storage location. There is no practical limit as to the number of adapters that can be supported. The repository control unit is in wireless communication with the test system PC, or a stand-alone PC. When a test setup is initiated by the operator the required adapter part numbers, along with their electronic identifiers, are transmitted to the repository. The repository controller searches for the required adapters and indicates their location via high-brightness LED’s. When an adapter is removed from its storage location its indicator is extinguished.

The implementation of this system will provide the following benefits:

  • Unlimited adapter cable storage positions.
  • Adapter cable storage can be implemented as mobile cabinets or fixed racks.
  • Adapters can be stored at any position. There is no need for them to be stored in pre-defined locations. Misplaced adapters are a thing of the past.
  • The User has a visual indication when all required adapters have been removed from the repository.
  • Single or multiple adapters are easily located.
  • Mobile cabinets are battery powered. There are no power cables to restrict movement around the workshop.

An additional significant benefit is available when the test system is capable of reading the adapter identification. In this case, an adapter can be connected to any connector of the test system front-face interface, again saving considerable hook-up time.

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