Adapter Cables

CKT has many years experience fabricating adapter cables using jacketed, multi-conductor cable, flat cable, ribbon cable, coaxial cable and braided cable. Tooling is in-house to work with virtually any connector – mil spec, IDC, ZIF, ARINC, etc. Cables are fabricated using wire with insulation material selected according to the application test specifications and environmental conditions of the test area. Special jacketing material is used when there is the possibility of the cable coming in contact with hazardous substances (such as Skydrol, for example).

To speed deliveries CKT stocks thousands of feet of pre-finished, jacketed cable having 10 to 130 conductors (PVC and Tefgel) in 10 conductor increments. These cables are of particular use when the adapters are one-to-one and terminated at the test system with the CKT MAC or LIF connectors.

All finished cables are tested on in-house CKT test systems at test voltages up to 2,000 VDC. Rigorous inspection ensures that cables are correct when delivered, and perform trouble free in the test environment.


CKT will design and manufacture adapter cables to military, industry standard and commercial specifications.
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