Front End Plus



The CKT Front End Plus offers a modern user interface to run test programs on all CKT Wire harness testing devices. With decades of development and real world experience the CKT Front End Plus provides a highly configurable and feature rich platform to support all of your testing needs.


The new user interface of the CKT Front End Plus allows users to work in a familiar work flow while having a modern, tablet-friendly experience. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11, the CKT Front End Plus will run on all of your devices and is designed to support your workflow.

  • Automatic Adapter Cable Identification
  • Automatic Test program generation from known good UUT
  • Support for legacy test programs
  • Test complex components such as Solenoids, Diodes, Capacitors, Relays, and more
  • Manual test on error functionality
  • User based access profiles

Load test sequences from a variety of sources, including the feature rich CKT Test Language, execute tests in an automated fashion, troubleshoot as needed, and create detailed test reports.


In order to support your workflow, CKT provides a variety of options for test reporting to fit with the way you work.

  • Text Test Reports
  • Customizable PDF Reports
  • Microsoft Excel, Open Office
  • Google Sheets
  • XML, ATML Reports

CKT Reports can be saved with automatic naming conventions to allow for an easy test reporting experience.


The CKT Front End Plus offers an extensive toolset to find the root cause of manufacturing defects in real time.

  • Complete System Diagnostics
  • Fault location support
  • Hookup Verification Testing
  • Generated Automatic Error Programs


CKT Is constantly updating and customizing our software to fit your needs. Contact us to get more information about how what we can do to provide for your testing needs.

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