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Wiring Integrity Testing Software

WITS is an all-inclusive software application designed to greatly simplify the costly and time consuming task of test data preparation and assembly-under-test fault analysis. All that is required to use WITS is a wiring database that is an accurate representation of the assembly to be tested. This wiring information is imported into WITS through customized filters, and then used to develop the required test solution.

WITS will provide an intuitive, visual and flexible facility for generating wiring test data. It is a client / server application that consists of an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) resident on the client PC and a fast, multi-user, configurable database resident on the server PC.

WITS is a totally automatic application with the following capabilities:

  • Generate test programs of wired assemblies containing multi-state parts and complex components.
  • Generate test programs and translation maps independently.
  • Graphic network visualization.
  • Highly configurable through plugin architecture.
  • Resolve wire segments into circuit networks.
  • Generate adapter cable designs, including bills of material, wiring lists and drawings.
  • Calculation of wire resistances of specific wires for auto-assigning correct parameters.
  • Assigning adapter cable locations to the test system interface.
  • Testing components through networks.

WITS is the only test program generation software application that removes virtually all manual intervention during test program generation. It even has the capability of automatically assigning external energization power to relays, contactors, lamps, etc.

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