Interface Connectors

CKT test systems are available with a number of front face connector types. The standard output connector is the CKT MAC interface system; however, other types are available for compatibility with legacy adapter cable libraries. Mating connectors for adapters are also available. The following connectors are the most common types:

CKT Modular Adapter Connector (MAC) Interface System

The CKT MAC interface system was developed by CKT in 1992 to provide Users of cable / harness test systems a much more flexible, effective and cost-effective means of designing, manufacturing, using and maintaining adapter cables.

The basis of the MAC system is a 500-contact (other sizes available) female connector as the test system front-face connector. It is made up of 50 ten-contact inserts equally spaced across the connector. Male MAC connectors are available in 10-contact increments, from 10 – 250 contacts. Insertion of the connector is extremely easy (even one having 250 contacts) due to the engagement method. The proprietary contact design and plating process ensures for the thousands of engage / disengage cycles, while maintaining very low contact resistance.


  • Excellent wiping action during engagement.
  • Extremely low contact resistance.
  • Low current-carrying capability.
  • Very high number of cycles without degradation.
  • Male connectors available with crimp or solder contacts.
  • Rugged, all-metal construction.


  • Thousands of mating / demating cycles without contact problems.
  • Excellent wiping action during mating results in a contact resistance that is constant and typically < 5 milliohms, even when test currents are in the microamp range.
  • Low insertion force design. Even a 250 contact connector is easy to engage.
  • Quick connect / disconnect, with each action requiring only 2 – 3 seconds.
  • Rugged and easy to maintain.
  • One-to-one adapter cables can be easily modified as product designs change, while “octopus” cables are normally very difficult and expensive to modify.





System Specifications

CKT Low Insertion Force (LIF) Connector System

Designed to be used with CKT’s Low Insertions (LIF) Female Interface Module.

  • Male Connector available in 10 (or 12) contact increments.
  • Embedded ID Circuit for rapid connection to test system.
  • 4,000 VRMS test voltage withstand rating.
  • Thousands of mating/demating cycles.
  • Rugged Construction
  • Locating system ensures correct connection to the test system.

CKT Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Connector System

Designed to be used with CKT’s Zero-Insertion-Force (ZIF) Female Interface Modules.

  • Male connectors available in 10 (or 12) contact increments from 10 (12) to 100 (120) contacts.
  • Embedded ID circuit for random connection to test system.
  • Female interface modules feature mechanical actuation – no air bladders
  • 2500 VRMS test voltage withstand rating
  • Rugged construction.
  • Male connectors provided in easy to assemble kits.
  • Thousands of connect/disconnect cycles.

ZIF Connector Features

  • Designed for cost-effective, efficient and simple adapter cable design and fabrication.
  • Cable mount connectors are available in increments of 10 (12) contacts from 10 (12) to 100 (120) contacts.
  • Embedded ID circuit permits random connection to CKT’s test systems with ID read capability.
  • Modular construction of the connector shell simplifies assembly and field repair.
  • Connectors include a positive locking feature that will prevent them from ‘backing out’ of the female ZIF interface prior to actuating the ZIF mechanism.
  • Generous creepage distances will premit the connectors and female interfaces to be used at test voltages exceeding 2000 VRMS
  • Rugged, precise construction and strong materials ensure continuous reliable connections.
  • Female interface modules available with 250 (300), 500 (600) and 1000 (1200) contacts.
  • Female interface modules available integrated with CKT’s test matrices.

DL1 and DL3 Connectors

The DL series connectors appear on numerous systems installed world-wide. Both the DL1 (normally fitted with 150 contacts) and the DL3 (normally fitted with 50 contacts) are normally available from CKT stock.

CKT will install virtually any customer specified connector on our systems.
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