High Voltage Test System


The CKT 1180 is a High-Voltage Test System with up to 3500 VDC and 2800 VAC RMS leakage test capabilities.

Originally designed for High-Speed Rail, the CKT 1180’s focus is to test assemblies that require extremely high reliability and work at elevated voltages.

It also features an innovative leakage scan procedure (Mass Leakage) allowing to verify the insulation of a large number of nets in a fraction of the time it would take with regular Lower / Upper leakage tests

System Characteristics

  • Up to 9,000 test points in increments of 500 test points.
  • Continuity testing to 5 amperes at compliance voltage to 50VDC. Resolves resistance as low as 5 milliohms.
  • Insulation resistance testing to 1 Giga-ohm to 3500VDC.
  • AC dielectric breakdown testing to 2800VAC RMS.
  • Fully programmable test parameters.
  • Supports Mass-Leakage function that will speed up Insulation and dielectric test.



  • Graphical User Interface
  • PC/Test System Control Interface
    Ethernet data connection between the PC and CKT1180 can be thin-wire or wireless. Separation distance is practically unlimited.
  • Programming for test
    System can be programmed off-line using the CK2L test command language or via the test system itself using the self-learn mode.
  • Stimulus/Measurement System
    The stable and fault-tolerant design of their units minimizes the requirements for calibration. When required, the calibration values can be set through software, to correct the offsets without needing, in most cases, any hardware modification of the module.
  • High System Reliability/Availability
    Excellent engineering, precision components and quality construction provide for long life with very little down time. System availability is >99%

Mass Leakage Tests

In addition to high-voltage capabilities (up to 3500 VDC and 2800 VAC RMS), the CKT 1180 provides three innovative insulation testing modes:

  • The Mass Leakage Test,
  • The Mass Leakage to Ground, and
  • The Mass Leakage Measurement.

The Mass Leakage family reduces exponentially the number of measurements needed to verify the insulation between a group of independent nets, by using a completely different approach than the classic Lower and Upper leakage measurements.

Can test leakage over 9,000 points in only 14 tests! The more test points there are, the greater the gain.

While the classic Lower / Upper leakage approach require as many tests as there are test points (1000 tests for 1000 points), this method only requires a fraction (10 tests for 1000 points, and only 14 tests for over 9,000 points).

Supports Multiple Interfaces

MAC Interface

ILME Interface

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