Low Voltage Test System


The CKT T1 is a compact size solid-state test system featuring 128 test points.  It has the following features:

  • Connectivity to the ¬†unit-under-test (UUT) via two DIN 41612/C connectors with 64 contacts each.
  • Expandable to 50,000 test points.
  • Control via a standard desk -top or laptop PC with windows 10.
  • Test Voltage programmable up to 20VDC.
  • Continuity/isolation programmable from 10 ohm to 1 megaohm.
  • Detection of opens, short circuits and mis-wires.
  • CKT Development Studio (CDS) software for creating test sequences and control of peripherals such as bar code readers and printers.
  • No cooling required for long term reliability.
  • Small size and portability for positioning near the unit-under -test (UUT).
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