• ARINC MCU-600 and ATR-404A form factors for direct installation into avionic electronic racks.
  • Eliminates the necessity for adapter cables.
  • Perfect for on-aircraft wire testing where accessibility and space is at a premium.
  • Up to 800 test points per LRU per ARINC connector configuration.
  • No internal power supplies or DC-to-DC convertors. The 28VDC control voltage is provided by the CKT1175 control unit.
  • No fans or air venting requirements ensure high reliability and exceptional test performance over the long-term.

Features and Characteristics

  • Designed to be used with the CKT1175 cable/harness test system, these KRU switching units can be placed up to 500Ft. (150 meters) from the control unit.
  • These LRU switching units conform to ARINC MCU and ATR dimensional specifications and are available in the complete range of sizes.
  • The LRUs will accommodate up to 800 test points in order to fully wire the rear-mounted ARINC connectors.
  • Since each LRU will plug directly into an avionic rack, the requirement for adapter cables is eliminated.
  • Each LRU is designed to operate at test voltages up to 1300VDC and test currents our to 2 amperes at voltages up to 50VDC.
  • There are no internal power supplies, or DC-to- DC converters. ┬áThe required 28VDC control voltage is supplied from the CKT1175 control unit.
  • Due to the unique architecture and control logic design, there is no internal heat build-up, even when the LRU is in continuous operation. This eliminate the requirement for fans and ventilation openings, thereby keeping the inside of the unit free from the outside contamination, maintaining high-performance and reliability controls over the long term.
  • The LRU enclosure is of rugged aluminum construction. A front panel handle is provided to assist in plugging and unplugging the unit: in addition, captivating clamps are provided to hold the unit in place.
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