High Voltage Test Systems

CKT high-voltage wiring analyzers have been designed to provide Users with state-of-the-art wiring testing solutions for virtually any testing requirement. Whether this calls for distributed or concentrated switching, test voltages as high as 2,500 VAC RMS and 3,500 VDC, mobility or portability, multiple test stations, etc., there is a CKT high-voltage system available that will satisfy the requirement. The CKT high-voltage systems perform testing to ensure:

  • That no opens (or partial opens) exist in DC common networks.
  • That there is no insulation degradation or dielectric breakdown between circuits.
  • That there are no potential arcing conditions wired.
  • That relay, circuit-breaker and switch circuits are correctly present.
  • That components (resistors, diodes, capacitors, etc.) are of the correct value.

The ability to program test voltages, test currents, and measurement parameters with extremely high resolution, plus the ability of each CKT system to perform measurements with accuracies that are the best in the industry, will provide the user with second-to-none test capabilities. The following test systems are available. Click on the system model number to learn more.

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